제목 Q. First inspiration of art practice Faux-Naif (Feign) series

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작성자 : 김현정 (ip:)

작성일 : 2017-08-29

조회 : 3531

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When I was a young college student who just turned

20 years old, social relationships often left me in despair whether

they were deep or shallow. The most difficult parts were the rash

assumptions about me based on a mere fragment of what I project

and the judgements that Faux-Naif (Feign)ded to be challenging

expectations for my sake.

We may all go through these at some point, but I was particularly

sensitive and had a hard time with how other people saw me.

In order to stand firmly and not be swayed, I tried to ask myself

who I was or who I should be, but giving a title to myself was

not easy. I was rather voluntarily yielding to other people’s gaze,

evaluations and expectations, which had me wonder around

like a lost foreigner within my own self. At that time, I was

quite rebellious to the causes of my confusion, the providers of

aggressive gazes and evaluations. Faux-Naif (Feign), depicting a

figure whose behaviors are inappropriate to her elegant traditional

garments, originally began as a mockery of the two-faced.

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