제목 Q. The works sparkle your wittiness about double-sidedness of women. What is your opinion on Faux-Naif (Feign)?

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The dictionary definition of Faux-Naif (Feign) (Nae-soong) is

‘being docile on the outside but sneaky inside’. As the question

already implies, Faux-Naif (Feign) is usually associated with

women in our society. However, Faux-Naif (Feign) is sexually

neutral from its definition. Despite the custom of our society,

I do not believe that it is exclusive to female.

It is a rather common ‘discrepancy’ that occurs to normal people

who hide their weaknesses and accentuate strength, which is

motivated by a universal desire to be recognized by others.

This is an instinctive impulse, which might otherwise

be a yield of individual identity for social paradigm.

The initial stage of Faux-Naif (Feign) began with my fury and

eagerness for mockery towards those who were FauxNaif

(Feign)tious to me, but as the practice continued,

Faux-Naif (Feign) has grown to be my subject of

psychological and philosophical analysis.

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