제목 Q. The reason behind Korean traditional garment

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One of the motives I develop in this series of work

is to shake up the paradigm that we unconsciously consider

unquestionable. The standards based on which we evaluate and

judge the given information can provide stability, but it can also

destroy unique individual qualities. Considering the limits of

conventional beliefs and judgements, adequate criticisms are

called for. Opposed to the traditional garments the figure is

wearing, her accustomed use of a smart device brings peculiar

contradiction. Such conflicting intermixtures of different times

in history aim to shake up our common belief that commands us

to act or be a certain way. For instance, when one is in traditional

garments, riding bicycles wearing earphones or using a tablet

device with their feet up on the desk do not commensurate the

conventional manners or expectations. The traditional garments

can function as a representation of concealing and complexity

related to Faux-Naif (Feign) or simply serve the aesthetic purpose.

Yet, the bigger significance lies in the improbability provided

by the contrast of the objects and the attitude of the figures in

traditional garments. It pursues ground-breaking visualization of

seeing both traditional garments and modern ordinaries together,

and the irony or preposterousness of female Faux-Naif (Feign).

Yet the convention attack presented in my works is not intended

to be offensive or biting. Oops (Ah-cha) is one of the works that

are most well-known to the public. The title is composed of

two Chinese characters, Ah, meaning self, and Cha, meaning

lack, which implies self-limitations and a moment that calls out

‘oops’ in various ways, such as the coffee on the bottom right

that is about spill out in a bag and the ramen noodle meal which

costs about a dollar while the coffee costs severalfold of it.

As the ultimate aim of my work is to stand independently from

conventional standards and judgements through confessional

practices, my pursuit of improbability will stay sharp.

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