제목 Q. You believe that good artworks to an artist are those that communicate with people. Why?

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Artists are the spokespersons who speak out the thoughts

and emotions of common people for them. Whether they are

writers of film scenarios, music and lyrics, or the artists like

me, the common ground is that we embody certain phenomena

or concepts. Artists tend to be born sensitive, and with help of

long-term training, they can be capable of hitting the spot that

most people have difficult time articulating or expressing. In

other cases, some might be simply too busy making a living that

they cannot afford the time to express their motivations. Clearing

out the blurring clouds and presenting their points is where the

responsibility of artists lies. Then we arrive to the conclusion

that the most important job of artists is communicating with

the audience and creating works that represent them. I also

think that being an artist can be happy, but very lonely at the

same time. So, the communication actually serves for artists as

well to manage to continue their practice. I also share about my

works by meeting people and keeping my blog updated as much

as time permits within my busy art practice. The blog can have

limitations in terms of mutual communication, but it gives me a

chance to objectify myself and to think about people outside of

the studio, which also keeps me from being stagnated or lonely.

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